Pestalozzi's time, his life and his work

Map of Switzerland with Pestalozzi's stages of life

1746 - January 12th : Birth in Zurich
1751 - His father's death
- Entry to school
1753 - Rousseau: Discours sur l'origine de l'inégalité (German 1756: «Über den Ursprung der Ungleichheit unter den Menschen)»
1754-1765 - Attendance of the Latinschool, the Collegium Humanitatis and the Collegium Carolinum
- Membership in the "Helvetische Gesellschaft zur Gerwe" (Helvetic society of Gerwe) and in the "Bewegung der Patrioten"
1761 - Rousseau: La Nouvelle Héloïse
1762 - Rousseau: Emile (German: "Emil oder über die Erziehung")
1766 - First publication": "Agis" and "Wünsche"
1768-1770 - Construction of "Neuhof" near Birr
1769 - Marriage with Anna Schultheß
1770 - Birth of his son Hans Jacob
1773-1774 - Foundation of an "homeindustrial" business with poor children
1774 - Pestalozzi becomes a member of the "Helvetische Gesellschaft zu Schinzach" where he meets Isaak Iselin (1728-1782)
- "Tagebuch über die Erziehung seines Sohnes"
1776 - American declaration of independence
1777 - "Herrn Pestalotz Briefe an Herrn N. E. T. über die Erziehung der armen Landjugend" (Tscharner letters)
1778 - Rousseau's death (1712-1778)
1780 - Breakdown of Neuhof- institute
- Breakdown of Neuhof- institute- "Die Abendstunde eines Einsiedlers" (Abendstunde): introduction
1781 - "Lienhard und Gertrud" (1st part): introduction
1782 - Publication of the weekly paper "Schweizer Blatt"
- Pestalozzi joins the swiss section of the "Illuminatenorden"
-"Christoph und Else"
1783 - "Über Gesetzgebung und Kindermord": introduction
- "Lienhard und Gertrud" (2nd part)
1785 - "Lienhard und Gertrud" (3rd part)
1787 - "Lienhard und Gertrud" (4th part)
1789 - Conquest of the "Bastille" Proclamation of human rights
1790-1792 - Second version of "Lienhard und Gertrud"
1792 - Journey to Leipzig
- Pestalozzi becomes freeman of the French republic
- First coalition war
1793 - Execution of Ludwig XVI.
- "Ja oder Nein?"
- Meeting with Fichte and long philosophical and political discussions
1794 - riots in Stäfa at Zurich’s lake
1795 - Papers concerning the Stäfner popular front
1797 - French troops invade Switzerland and promote the revolutional political movement
- "Nachforschungen über den Gang der Natur in der Entwicklung des Menschengeschlechts" (Nachforschungen): introduction
- "Figuren zu meinem ABC-Buch oder zu den Anfangsgründen meines Denkens" (Fabeln) introduction
1798 - Proclamation of the Helvetic Republic
- Second coalition war
- The French troops fight down the last resistance in Nidwalden
- Editor of the "Helvetisches Volksblatt" (Luzern)
- "Zehntenschriften"
- "Foundation of an orphanage in Stans (december)
1799 - "Stanser Brief"
1800 - Teacher in Burgdorf and foundation of an approved school. First colleagues are joining him
1801 - "Wie Gertrud ihre Kinder lehrt"
- Tod des Sohns Hans Jacob
1802 - The helvetic republic crumbles after the French troops retreat
- Pestalozzi travels as a delegate to the "Konsulta" to Paris
- "Denkschrift an die Pariser Freunde über Wesen und Zweck der Methode" (Denkschrift)
1803 - Mediationsakte
1804 - Napoleon’s coronation as emperor
1804-1805 - The institute moves to Münchenbuchsee, discrepancies with Fellenberg and the institute’s final move to Yverdon at the south end of Neuenburger See in the French part of Switzerland
1806 - "Über Volksbildung und Industrie"
- "Ansichten, Erfahrungen und Mittel"
- "Ansichten und Erfahrungen"
1806-1809 - Publication of "Wochenzeitschrift für Menschenbildung" and "Journal für die Erziehung"
1809 - "Über die Idee der Elementarbildung" (Lenzburger speech)
1814 - Congress of Vienna: The Swiss confederation gets his contemporary borders
1815 - death of Anna Pestalozzi-Schultheß
- "An die Unschuld , den Ernst und den Edelmuth meines Zeitalters und meines Vaterlandes" (An die Unschuld)
1815-1816 - Public arguments between the employees in Yverdon
1818 - "Rede an mein Haus" (Birthday speech from 1818)
- Foundation of an institute against poverty in Clindy
1818-1819 - "Letters on early education" (letters to Greaves) overview of available original texts
1819-1826 - The Cotta-edition is published with Pestalozzi’s writings and the third version of "Lienhard und Gertrud" (1819/ 1820)
1825 - The institute’s shut-down in Yverdon, Pestalozzi moves back to Neuhof
1826 - "Pestalozzi's Schwanengesang" (Schwanengesang): introduction (German)
- "Meine Lebensschicksale als Vorsteher meiner Erziehungsinstitute in Burgdorf und Iferten" (Meine Lebensschicksale)
- " Langenthaler Rede"
1827 - February 17th: Pestalozzi dies in Brugg (Kt. AG) and is buried next to the school in Birr. At this place, near his Neuhof, the Kanton Aargau builds a monument for him in 1846, which exists till today